Regional Representatives

The regional representatives of the Society are as follows:

RegionNameTelephoneStationed atDesignation
Co-opted member011 220 4120DPP: JohannesburgCo-opted member to assist with the transition to new chairperson
Eastern Cape /Umtata:Vacant
Free State:051 410 6043AFU: BloemfonteinRepresentative from the office of the Director, Free State Division
Gauteng Local Division:011 220 4115DPP: JohannesburgRepresentative from the office of the Director, Gauteng Local Division
Gauteng North:0 12 351 6757DPP: Gauteng Province, PretoriaRepresentative from Gauteng Division (including the Gauteng Division functioning as Limpopo Division, Limpopo Local Division and Mpumalanga Division.
Kwazulu-Natal:031 334 5104 / 5060DPP DurbanRepresentative from the office of the Director, Kwazulu-Natal Division (including the Kwazulu-Natal Local Division)
National Director of Public Prosecutions:012 845 6970VGM PretoriaRepresentative for the office of the National Director of Public Prosecutions
Northern Cape:054 337 5300 UpingtonRepresentative from the office of the Director, Northern Cape Division
North West:014 597 9459RustenburgRepresentative the office of the Director, North West Division
Western Cape:021 487 7242DPP Cape TownRepresentative from the office of the Director, Western Cape Division

For a list of the society’s office bearers, click here.